VMware Partner Exchange Day Two

Had some good sessions today, but one of the hot topics this year seems to be VMware Virtual San (vSan). This is part of VMware’s Software-Defined DataCenter (SDDC) initiative. Here is a link to some VMware training videos to help get a better understanding, http://vmwarelearning.com/79f2/vmware-virtual-santm/ .

This software will allow you to use direct attached storage (DAS), that storage you can put in the server, to present datastore’s to your ESXi hosts. It’s an object type datastore, no LUNS, CIFS, NFS, and you use policies to setup data protection.

Watch the videos, this technology is so simple it’s stupid, wish I would have had it years ago.


VMware Partner Exchange 2014 Day One


This has been pretty much my view of San Francisco so far walking back an forth from the hotel to the Moscone Center. It’s supposed to clear off, so hopefully I get some good pictures and views of the city.

Spent yesterday in an all day boot camp on business continuity and disaster recovery, for the non nerds, really good ways to back up your data. It was a good class and ended up at a table with guys from Missouri and Oklahoma.

Have a full day planned today with an afternoon class on vSan, looking forward to that one.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope your day brings you much joy and happiness with family and friends.

Sitting here this morning enjoying some coffee and the quiet, we had our big gift opening last night after church, so everyone is sleeping in except me and Dustin, he had to head out early to another Christmas celebration.

I hope everyone enjoys the day, be happy with the ones you are with, miss the ones that are missing, and think about those who could use a helping hand this time of year.

So, drink enough to be merry, eat way more than you should, laugh way to loud, hug to hard, and have a Merry Christmas.

December 23, 2012 Almost Christmas

Well, Sunday before Christmas, the house is way to quiet, you could hear a pin drop. 

Hope everyone is getting ready for the big day, I have a few presents to pick up, hopefully later today I’ll get those out of the way.  My whole Christmas schedule got out of whack  due to me being on the road most of December, wasn’t planning on that.  Just the typical end of year rush and push.

I’m on vacation till January 2, 2013, so I have some time to rest up and get ready for the new year.

Well, all I have for now, everyone have a great day!  Maybe I’ll see you out shopping, stop and say hello!


We all have those times at work where your at the mercy of your computer or process just waiting for the next thing to happen.

I’m there!!


I’m at the MERCY of Windows, VMware, and the speed of the network and servers.

I do have on some really nice socks though..  I said I was bored.

Oh, I just got to click something… woo hoo.. now wait for another hour.

On the bright side, I did get some Christmas shopping done!!


IBM Storage Management Console for VMware vCenter

If you’re a user of the IBM Storage Management Console for VMware vCenter, and you’ve updated your Windows Server and workstations, you may have noticed that the plug-in isn’t working like it did.

The default key that comes with the plug-in seems to be 512 bit and the new updates block anything less than 1024.  Take a look at this security advisory document here,  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2661254 .  It took me a while to figure out what was going on, and a demo was looming so I took the easy fix of:

certutil -setreg chainminRSAPubKeyBitLength 512

If you need a quick fix this works, but this week when I have a little more time I’ll probably go through can get everything up to snuff correctly.

Hope this helps if you’ve been beating your head against a wall like I was.